When and As it’s all started


Président de l'AFCN
Manuel PHEJAR President of the AFCN
In April 2017, a private organization contacted me to set up training on communication skills and an introduction to electronic signatures, and for two weeks I had the opportunity to train about a hundred of companies and collect information which pushed me later, to give birth to the AFCN, French Agency for the Digital Creation.

For about 100 companies, one-fifth (1/5) had a website. The remaining eighty percent (80%) had either no expertise in the field or no budget due to the high cost of this type of service.

Of the twenty percent (20%) with a website, half owned a functional and up-to-date site; and for the other half, the developer was forced to abandon his assignment because there were no staff in the company willing to follow up regularly the project site management.


To meet a real need, I had the idea to produce and offer a simple and practical offer for small, very small, micro companies and associations: Build and / or maintain their website from 29, 90 only per month.

With the tools at our disposal, we realize the creation of website for all industries. It is no longer necessary to pay excessive amounts to obtain this benefit.

The AFCN offers you the creation of a modern website by professionals at a lower cost and also the complete management of it.

This "turnkey" offer will be an opportunity for you to have an efficient, operational and well maintained site, allowing you to devote yourself completely to your business.
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