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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Improve the position of your website in the search engines. This is now accessible to you through the actions that the FANC will set up: analysis, diagnosis, identification and correction of problems before they become dangerous, improving the structure of your Internet pages (H1, H2 ... and the different tags, net-linking, internal mesh, ...) and many others ...

  • Subscription - SEM (SEO + SEA + SMO)
  • 49,90 £ HT/ month
  • Subscription - SEM (49,90£ / month). Subscription with automatic withdrawal every 30 days.
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Search Engine Marketing - Subscription


1️⃣ SEO : Improvement the code source to favor the positioning of your website and to appear on the first pages Google
2️⃣ SEA : Advertising campaign proposal to improve the visibility of your website on Google search engines
3️⃣ SMO : Proposal for optimizing the presence, the image and the offer of your website on social media

Audit of the site
Analysis of internal links inbound & outbound)
Content Analysis
Structure analysis
Position Analysis (50 first pages of results AFCN_google)
Definition of targeted keywords
Optimization of the site
1 priority keyword and 2 secondary keywords
1 manually optimized page (home page)
Source code review
Tag optimization (Titles & Metas)
Establishment of a statistics and analysis tool
Net Linking
5 Registrations and hard links on websites (directories, blog or forum)
Monitoring and analysis
Monthly positioning report

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